Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Looks Can Be Deceiving

So we did not fry up a river creature for dinner this evening. Looking at the picture I am worried this is what you may have been thinking. It is not the case. It just looks like a fried up sea creature. In fact it is okonomiyaki. Those who like it like it a lot. It consisted of bacon fried, then covered with a pancake mix (batter, bean sprouts, cabbage, and others). The frying continues until it looks mostly cooked and then the pancake is flipped to the other side. This is me flipping an okonomiyaki. It is finally covered with mayonaise and okonimayaki sauce. Despite the uterlly revolting look of the above picture I assure you we ate two of these things for dinner and had the third cold for lunch the next day. Moving on. We also did a lot of playing while at the campground. The girl next door and our daughter became fast friends. The spent a lot of time playing at the park situated in the middle of the campground. Good times.

Continuing on with the dinners we had fire roasted chicken, unshucked fire roasted corn (to much fire not enough heat equals slightly raw corn), a lovely green salad with the yogurt and dill dressing/dip, liptons sidekick noodles (the second packet from the previous camping trip), and more marshmallows. I have really got my roasting technique down and served up some molten, crispy, sugar bundles. So good. My son's favourite saying right now. We went for chinese food for lunch today and that was all he could say. He also said that about the grilled cheese sandwich I made him for dinner, of which I only just realised I didn't take a picture. But after this fabulous three day trip forgetting to take a picture of a rather meager dinner cannot spoil my love of life. Starting to gird our loins, not for the field of battle jobu, but for the second birthday part. I wonder how that is going to turn out. Time will tell.


sleep(y) student said...

I have to say... that thing looks GROSS!!! Send me the recipe. cause I want to try it:)

hayato said...

cool!! a recent news article overhere said that some british exchange student got stuck with Okonomiyaki and began learning how to cook it to open a Okonomiyaki restaurant in his or her home country.

What did they say to its taste?? actually i didnt read this post yet since i decided to post a comment as soon as i saw the pic lol okay i will read the post and find out!