Saturday, July 5, 2008

You're such a Fairy

Classic SNL line. Matthew broderick is dressed as a baby and these guys are mocking him saying he is such a baby and he keeps agreeing and saying things like, " I know, I still suck my thumb and wet my diaper." I believe it is Phil Hartman who comes in dressed in a tutu for the payoff gag. Anyways, we had a fairy party today. We had eight 5-6 year old girls and 2 pre-school boys out in the backyard for a fairy party. The fairy part of the party mostly consisted of the opening fairy hunt (10 min max) and a bunch of up trading and suspicious deal making because I didn't realise that the one in the long purple dress was evil in the movie so almost no one wanted either of the two of them that I had hidden. Strangely the third evil one I had purchased had lost it's head right out of the box and though crazy glue had put her back together I ended up not needing her because of a non-vitation that I had not been privy to. There were also 3 no shows. One was probably our fault but as for the other two I am stumped. Who doesn't want to go to a six year old girls party. Especially when you yourself are also a six year old girl. Anyways, the grand plan to build fairy houses out of naturally sourced parts (twigs, leaves, bark) which seemed so killer for the last four weeks was so obviously not within the first two sentences of trying to sell it to the group. Especially with this bad boy up and running directly across from the lame piles of leaves and twigs. In a wise move I only tried to sell the fairy houses for another 45 seconds before, in a rare flash of inspiration, getting all the girls to put their dolls on top of their names on the poster I had made. I figured this made a bunch of thats mine this is yours never happen. There were some trades I wondered about but in the end everyone left smiling so I guess it was okay. Back to the wicked water slide. Of the something like 16 hours of daylight today there were 4 that were grey and cloudy and not so hot. The four hours started 30 minutes before the party and ended 30 minutes after the last kid went home. It was 39 freakin degrees five days ago, today it didn't crack 27. Just my luck. So between shivering, sliding, jumping on the trampoline (3 at a time, man do we need a net[ed. This is not a plea to a relative to save the author from his own thriftiness.]) and eating snacks and drinking the cool juice boxes we made it through the first 45 minutes. After that we did some water balloon tossing. The boys were picking them up as fast as the wife could make them and just whipping them against the fence. Ah boys. Then we had the cake. Now what you see here is the back side of the cake. In the picture with the kids you see the whole thing post blow out. However, we didn't take a good cake shot. I still can't figure this one out. What was going through my head that I didn't get a whole cake with fairy looking like she is wearing a dress shot. Mind boggling. Anyways, we wowed the six year old crowd and had a good time making it last night. The best part had to be throwing the little chocolate pieces at the dress to get them to stick in the frosting. After cake we cracked the prezies and then parents started arriving. Phew, 2 months of worry, 4 weeks of planning, 3 days of serious prep, and it was all over in 2 hours. Note to self. Start with sidewalk chalk. That could have been a really fun half hour if organized right. Go straight to the water slide when you get to the backyard. Why leave your ace in the bullpen. Have more than one game activity for the mid party slow down. And plan to have at least 40 minutes for present opening and 15 minutes for cake. If I don't seem to be remembering this next year please remind me. It was a lot of fun. Good thing there are still two days until her actual birthday.


Rachel Catriona said...

LOVE IT!!!! I never had a party like that, did you? Is that slide thing rented or is it what Joey gave you? Insane either way.

Good job dad! Looks like they had a wicked time.


PS. Crack'n prose on this one - nice!

von grudegin said...

i am also highly impressed by the whole affair. six year olds - man, that's a tough crowd. just so you know, I was totally into the building of fairy houses.