Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Of Chard and Chicken.

The last of June saw us getting some birthday preparation shopping done and then we went out to the lake in the afternoon. The weather was brilliant and the water was refreshing. However, the water is starting to get warm and soon we will have to swim in the river instead. Some of our friends were at the beach as well so the kids had other kids to play with and we had some friends to go wading with. Just a great afternoon. It was a toss up whether or not we would go out for dinner on the way home but we persevered and it paid off. I made the chick pea and romaine salad from here although we used swiss chard and lime instead of romaine and lemon. The lime should have been a lemon but the chard being from our garden couldn't have been better. The wife barbecued the chicken. It was marinated in soy sauce, honey, japanese wine, salt, pepper and minced garlic. The rice was leftovers from a lunch and had bits of seaweed mixed in. What you do not see, is iocane powder, no it is actually some fresh salsa. I have taken to blending an avocado into my salsa and I am loving it. We made a spicy and a not spicy version so all enjoyed. As you can tell from the picture the spicy version was spicy. My t-shirt is actually blue.

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