Monday, June 30, 2008

Garden Gnomes

So here are the aforementioned pictures of the garden. I also have some pics of the kids to fill in the mix.This is the garlic. Apparently when the bottom four leaves are brown you are supposed to pick it. I just hope it is dried and cured before we leave for Japan. I think 2 weeks should be sufficient. I plan to dry it on my work bench in the garage. Fingers crossed. Up next you can see our Raspberries. They are doing very well this year. I plan to give them an extra soaking today as we really want them to plump up soon. We may just have to resign ourselves to the fact that we won't get a lot of raspberries before we have to leave for Japan. We knew this going in so I should be prepared for it but I know that packing up and leaving with hundreds of berries just getting ready to burst with flavour will be tough. This next picture is of our tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peppers and squash. The are almost all starting to train up the twine. The tomatoes are going great guns and the cucumbers have finally started going. The drip hose seems to be working great and the trench method does seems to have a good nutrient base for all the plants. The landscape fabric is keeping a lot of the weeds down but there is still more work to be done than I had imagined. Finally we have the pics of the kids. Just snapped these off before typing. Man they are cute.


Dora said...

kids are too cute. tried calling you back the other day but the line was busy. at first i thought my phone was broken as that is a sound you rarely hear these days.
congrats on the completion of another school year! see you all soon.

Rachel Catriona said...

Your last comment was magical, brilliant, exactly what I needed to hear.

Johnny's got his hand, Johnny's got his girl.

- R