Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We missed it.

Okay we had three salads tonight, a green salad from the garden with a sour cream and dill dressing, the left over chick pea and chard salad from last night and the wife whipped up a tuna salad which was eaten by some in sandwiches and by yours truly on top of the previously mentioned green salad. I was in charge of the grilled cheese and grill them I did. You will notice none of these dishes feature in this evenings meal. My son had worked his way through dinner and was onto a post meal snack of carrots and sour cream dill dip. He was also naked. Really cute until he decides today isn't a toilet day. Newman! Well I guess that is what elbow grease and febreeze are for. So the picture of dinner was not the only thing we missed this evening.

On the plus side we went to the Canada Day festivities here in town, had a lazy afternoon, and then went swimming by the river. We almost got blown away by a crazy sudden windstorm which managed to blow down a tree by the river but everyone made it back safely. We watched two videos, skipped bath time and now everyone is going to bed. Teeth are brushed, everything else can be dealt with tomorrow. If Dora reads this, "Look at what your missing. We love you and the phone message was meant in jest." Night all.

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Dora said...

was it meant in jest? it stung. i could see those kids asking 'where is aunty katy?' kohei with his enormous eyes.

happy not to have been there for the missed trip the toilet and sad to have missed eyerthing else.

i did get a grouse grind in, passed out at the half way point (literally- ask Rachel about it. scared the crap out of her. she saved my life.) and then got stuck in bridge traffic but made the best of it going to see a movie on lonsdale and having a great meal out.

talk to you later chuckles.