Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 27th, its not fresh

... unless you just pulled it out of the ocean yourself. Well that is exactly what happened with this saba or mackarel sushi. It was caught, cleaned, sliced and served by a husband and wife team that a few of you know. And I ain't talking about myself and the Mrs. The inlaws continue to serve it up in grand style. Tonight was ebi fry, age dashi tofu, saba sushi, grean salad, saba cooked in a miso soup and some fried potatoes. We all sat down to another fabulous meal in Injuin this evening. I think I am starting to acclimatize as I am no longer covered in sweat all day. Just from 9 to 7 when I am not in an air conditioned car, shop, or the back bedroom. It is summer in full force here in the Kag. The children being much smarter than myself managed to find a fountain to play in and really took a break from the heat. We also went to the swimming pool but unfortunately did not take the camera with us. I think I have also missed at least one meal, possibly three. I have lost track of time and no longer know how long we have been here. This last shot is of nephew who speaks no English and Son who will not produce any Japanese. The son is really cute when he is with the almost two year old neice. He is pushy, bossy, and constantly feeling like he is being hard done by. He tries to stop her from doing pretty much everything saying things like, "that's not his" (he doesn't get gendered language). Gotta love finally being older than someone. Well that is all for this internet cafe session. Hope to be back in a few days. Keep the faith.



Dora said...

why is Kohei in his underwear? and does he not speak any japanese in Japan? Did you see the cute photo on my blog just for him?
answers please and happy travels.

Allison said...

it's almost a week dog. please post something.

Rachel Catriona said...

ditto allison's comment.