Sunday, July 27, 2008

Its not Yucky, July 26th

Its Yaki, as in Yaki soba. In Japan Yaki soba is made on a grand scale. And this is a good thing. The wife's mother took control of the evening meal on the 26th and did it up in grand style. Lots of veggies fried up with the real soba noodles. The wife commented that she can't get noodles like this in Canada. Ahh what a shame. We will keep trying though. Heavily flavoured yet the comment was made that there wasn't enough sauce added. We are already feeling the effects of heavily flavoured food. When in Rome I guess. We were very grateful to be finally settled in Ijuin Japan and living the good life. The travel day from Tokyo was tough but it was so great to see grandpa and cousin in the crowd outside the arrivals gate. We settled in for a nice evening chatting and catching up. With six cousins in the same house it was very lively. A few people felt left out and let everyone know but almost everyone had a turn at it so I think for the most part everyone is getting along. I thought this combination of signs on a condom vending machine across the street from a pachinko parlour had a pretty nice message. Don't you. I personally love coming across this type of thing in Japan. Random English used for emphasis. However, there has got to be a huge portion of the population who just ignores this stuff. The true craziness of Japan.

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