Friday, August 1, 2008

We are trying

Every night as I lay back after eating the daily feast I sigh and relax and then say, "the picture!" It is just not clicking with the meals for us. The meal above was taken at the great grandmother's house and was made by my mother in law. She makes a wicked liver dish, which though it still tastes like liver is really quite good. She also turns out dish after dish when she cooks so you never know quite when to start eating. This was just another fine meal. This is a picture of Lilo, daughter and Tagami Ba-chan. 2, 7 and 90. Quite the spread. These next pictures are of the day at the aquarium. We have also been to the beach, the pool twice, did a whole day of shopping to buy a sweet new rice cooker and have had assorted other adventures like watching fireworks.
These hats are for borrowing to take just such a crazy picture. Can you believe this boy is the same boy as the ring bearer from our wedding seven years ago, crap I forgot our anniversary. Just realised right now, the only saving grace is that the wife has forgotten as well. We were talking about it two weeks ago but I am sure it has slipped her mind as well. Otherwise she would have reminded me before now. Anyways back to the blog.
We actually made quite a big contribution to last nights dinner. I made a kids guacamole/salsa, an adults salsa, and an adults guacamole. The wife made hamburgers, thus the picture of the mustard bottle, and the daughter made miso soup.
I only have the before and after pictures as I got into the beers early and was having much to good a time by the time everyone was settled down to remember to take a picture.
The oldest nephew leaves for a ten day camp today and we are planning a little side trip to Nagasaki next week. We have a big beach day planned for tomorrow with one of my old co workers and her sister, b in law, neice and nephew. I am having a wicked time as I mentioned to the wife yesterday. Bought a yoga mat and have managed to get some runs in. The weather is incredibly hot and humid but what else should I expect from a tropical vacation. Contemplating renting a surfboard for the day and learning to surf. Pretty good break about 10 minutes from where we are staying. Sorry about the length of time between blogs but we don't get into the city much. I will do my best. Love to all and talk to you soon.

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von grudegin said...

wow dude. loving the blog. thanks for taking all the pictures. you might be missing some meals but the action shots are where it's at. wish I was there with you.

Kiyomi is 7. How on earth did that happen?