Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wednesday, June 18th.

We had wraps this evening. We also had to get out the door quick so that we could be at Ultimate for 6:30 but there is more about that below. The real feature of this evenings feast was the creamy dill dressing. Nothing like having an overabundance of dill to let yourself go crazy. The dressing was so rich and dilly. It actually went perfectly with the home pickled jalapenos. The base was made from pan fried ground beef and assorted vegetables along with rice. The dressing along with the green salad and jalapenos finished it off. I realise I could have eaten them all separately but then why have a wrap. Notice my wrap is actually wrapped whereas the son has a sort of open faced dinner. He isn't so into the wrap. More of a shovel it in using a fork or spoon sort. When he gets really hungry he just hammers away, often getting nothing in his mouth but thoroughly enjoying the motion. So that was Wednesday.

Ulti Update: numbers were up but we didn't quite make it to seven a side. The other members better start bring people in. I am getting angry looks and people crossing the street when they see me. The pro-ultimate harassment might need to be turned down a notch.

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