Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Invitation Night.

Well this evening was smokies and salad. I managed to score a DQ double cheeseburger for lunch on top of a fried egg sandwich for breakfast so I believe I had already met my caloric needs for the day. However, I still managed to make my way through two pan fried smokies. Now if you are starting to cringe at the unwholesomeness of today's fare then I will add that there was also a green salad as well as a bean salad. Our garden continues to produce an abundance and neighbours (with the u joey always with the u) are starting to bring us some of their extra produce. We will be drying our own dill this weekend and that should see us through another year. Upon further consultation my chef and I decided that the bean salad could have used a touch more vinegar but it still had a snazzy assortment of flavours. The post dinner family outing was dropping off birthday invitations to the friends that do not attend kindergarten with us. We will get the kindergarten friends as soon as we know all the addresses. Already have one no and one maybe. Have played charlie brown to a summer birthday's Lucy myself I shouldn't be surprised at the number of people going on vacation. Heck we are doing it ourselves. But it still hurts a little bringing back those memories of all the, "sorry we are going to be away then." Meh, more cake for me.

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