Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 19th and 20th

For the sake of brevity I will wrap up whole camp trip in one blog. Hope this works for you.

Ah the first camping trip of the year. We plan to go again pre-Japan. It should be out at Kettle River provincial park. Should be some good tubing. Some good marshmallow roasting. Everyone is welcome. No set date yet so if you want us to plan around you we can get it done. Just has to be in the next four weeks. This weekend Texas creek provincial park was great for us. Swimming, fishing, more swimming, more fishing, roasting marshmallows. Telling stories at bed time. (no ghost stories yet. We need the kids to sleep) We did not catch any fish but time spent at the river side/lake side with the kids messing around was awesome. Some day we will catch a fish and eat it and it will be great. I don't know when and am not willing to make a forecast but I am pretty sure it will happen. Had a bite that even jumped out of the water. It got away and was pretty small but it is a start. So that was camping, now for dinner.

Camp night one. The set up. Seeing as we arrived at 5:30 and it had been a regular work/school/home day I didn't think we would have it in us to cook after setting up. So the wife mentioned the roast chickens that you get at a local grocer. Still warm when we sat down to eat. I shredded and the children consumed. I think we had other food. Some veggies and dip. Some home made onigiri (rice balls). And of course the requisite beer. Can't have camping without beer.

Camp night two. We went all out and had the classic camp fare. The lipton instant noodles. They are called side kicks now but they still make great camp meals. All you need to bring is the milk and margarine and you have instant flavour. The daughter slurped up about 1/3 of all noodles made. Wifes comment, "she loves MSG." We also roasted smokies on the fire. These were the mozzarella filled smokies. The cheese dripping out and sizzling on the fire provided great amusement to the kids. Sliced and whole we went through six smokies. Most were eaten cut up into chunks. For dessert we had roasted and unroasted marshmallows with milk chocolate. We skipped the graham crackers. No big loss. The fire and my years of experience provided for some molten marshmallows that never got black. All in all a good weekend of camping. Two nights was good. We had to be back for a birthday party. I think we will stretch our next outing to three nights.

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von grudegin said...

i love MSG too. I have been wanting to get a shirt made for years that says "I love MSG" me and kiyomi connect on so many levels.