Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thursday June 12th

Well I was not home for dinner so you can't fault me for getting this one up late. Imagine my confusion upon seeing this picture and being told they had perogies for dinner. Apparently this is what my daughter wanted for dinner. Do you see any perogies? I do not see any perogies. Upon further investigation this is the crispy chicken from the picnic lunch they had in the park today. Some people are enjoying a pretty nice life. On Thursday they kindergarten class had a fun day in the morning and this was followed by the aforementioned picnic in the park. Like that wasn't a killer day. Dinner consisted of the perogies (noticeably absent) crispy chicken, onigiri (riceballs) and okay the picture just popped up and I am a total idiot. What I took for Onigiri sprinkled liberally with soy sauce are indeed the perogies. I am thinking about going back and rewriting this entry to keep myself from looking like an idiot. Unfortunately that horse has already left the barn. Those marshmallow looking things in the salad I have confirmed are in fact chopped daikon. Good looking salad. Anyways here is a picture of the Kindergarten fun day. Bean bags and sunshine equals fun as far as I am concerned.

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