Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday June 13th. No one even noticed.

Hey did anyone else not notice it was Friday the 13th until after the fact. I think my brain may be shutting down. I think it is a case of early onset summer vacation. They have a treatment. It is called lab ourda yweek end. Unfortunately, it takes about nine weeks for the treatment to take effect. (my apologies for those of you who can't get the sick leave) I was not feeling quite myself today. Something I ate the night before didn't agree with me so we had rather a late start. However, the day really picked up after that. We went down to Osoyoos and spent the whole after noon at pool side playing with the kids and my sister and brother in law and some of their friends. It was an awesome day. Literally three hours straight in the pool. Then we ordered the pizza you see for dinner. This was topped by chips and salsa and veggies al fresco with dip. (Ed. the author of this blog uses foreign words as he sees fit with no regard to their actual meaning. Mostly he just guesses and we are not responsible for any meaning implied or intended) Followed by some watermelon for dessert. Then we drove home. It was great. Also I didn't drive either way. I did tell a wicked story which included the death of a grand father. I have no idea what brought that on. The story was pretty up beat and then the kid came home and her grand father was dead. Definitely branching out on those lets hear a story in the car stories.

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