Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pre-game Meal

We had ultimate tonight. It has begun. When we lived in Vancouver we loved playing ultimate. We made teams and joined teams and even played some pickup once in a while. Then we moved to Japan and it kind of dried up. We have been pretty much shut out since that time. Then about three weeks ago we got the new Rec-Commission pamphlet and there written large (okay the type was the same size as all the other activities) was an invitation to community ultimate. We have been anxiously awaiting this night since then. It was worth it. There is another die hard in town and we had two beginners who seemed eager. Now if all five of us can bring two friends then we can play seven aside. By the next week if each of those fifteen can bring two people we can have a three team league. And so it will go until everyone in town is playing ultimate every night of the week. Mathematically it should only take about 8 weeks. Give or take.

Oh yeah the meal. We had stir fried vegetables, rice, onigiri (rice balls with a little something special inside) and my wife even fried up the leaves from a daikon (japanese radish). Nice light fare.

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