Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Night Fever

This is what that warm bloated post pizza dinner feeling should be called. Man I ate too much. Don't tell my sister but we finally had the artichokes on some pizza. Fabulous. I also wrested the pizza stone out of the now defunct pizza oven. In the big oven it worked like a charm. We even used the pizza peal and everything. If it weren't for the amount of power the big oven draws I would stay with this set up but I think we are going to try and find another little pizza oven. I actually saw a wood fired pizza oven that someone I know made. It looked pretty cool. Some day, some day. Anyways, back to dinner. The first pizza was a kids but it wasn't ham and pineapple. It was plain pepperoni. They enjoyed it. Phew. Now there are two kids pizza options. Hawaiian and Pepperoni. As for the adults we have the spicy salami, with mushrooms and artichokes first and all the same ingredients but with red peppers added in the second. The sauce was good but a little oily. The crust was perfect. Topped off with some coleslaw and chips with guacamole (one bowl with tomato chunks the other with diced jalapenos). Our guest enjoyed the dinner and had four or more slices of pizza. That is the kind of eatin I look for in a guest. It makes me feel less self conscious when I eat the silver ware. Really is there any reason to be this full. I think I need to be more fully aware of what I am eating as I eat it. Conspicuous consumption. Let the finger point at me. Well I'll worry more about that tomorrow. Until then I am yawning up a storm. Have a good one.

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