Monday, June 23, 2008

Farewell Reiko

We had a farewell dinner for a student that had been studying in Grand Forks for the last three years. She is Japanese and had come to our house quite a few times in those years for dinner or to babysit. She finally graduated and this was her farewell dinner. We actually had six adults and three kids for dinner so it was a fairly elaborate production. Burgers were the main attraction with me only realizing as I was flipping them that one of our guests was a vegetarian. To my wifes credit she has put together two salads, two types of french fries and enough vegetable toppings that the veggie guest had a veggie sandwich and seemed satisfied. One of the salads was the lettuce and mandarin affair that I learned about at my previous school. It is always nice. The coleslaw made a come back, second day is always better. Yam and potato french fries, baked not fried. There was also carrot cake with lemon flavoured cream cheese icing. My first piece was a little healthy but the second and third pieces were delicious. None of the pieces were overly large so I can say that I ate quite conservatively this evening. One burger, one helping of fries. Seconds was only salad. I did drink a beer but only one and I had a whole bunch of water. There was 7.3 k of running before dinner so I think my scales are balanced this evening. Four work days till summer. Gotta keep my eyes on the road.

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von grudegin said...

I feel like I am getting a pretty good slice of your life too. Keep up the good work man. Are you running for the pure health of it or are you training for something in particular?