Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Do you ever feel like if you could just stay in one place for like a week and not have something new pop up, or some issue (probably someone else's issue) arrive to mess up the list of things that should be done pretty soon that you could get organized. Its like your taxes. Every year your booklet arrives way before your t4s. You can't start doing your taxes until you have all the pieces but as soon as part of it arrives you start reminding yourself, get that done as soon as you can. And then you forget. Other stuff comes up. Then you see the tax envelope on your desk/in your cubby/on that shelf and you get that rush, shit is that due yet. And the cycle repeats. There is always something new. I am thinking about that tooth that is bugging me or the wasps nest that may or may not be growing daily in my attic but I can't take care of during the day because it is an involved process and I reacted really badly to my last sting and then I suddenly realise there is only a month left to plan for a sixth birthday party and most of the theme specific supplies cannot be sourced in town. As I settle down to get them online I realise I haven't booked that cabin for Christmas. I look up the e-mail address. I start composing and
think "Shit! are my taxes even done".

I want time out. I want to sit down and get everything that needs to be done or could be done right now done. I want to get back to even and then truly relax. I know it will never happen but it is my dream right now. So much shit to do, where to start. Right party supplies.

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sleep(y) student said...

Time out is good.... I would settle for 10 minutes on the naughty mat in the corner today:)

What is the party theme?