Monday, June 9, 2008

Post Run Party

The name is a slight falsehood as I was the only runner. My usual mates had other things to attend to, so my feet were the only two pounding the pavement. However, I did not run alone. The son road shotgun in the bike trailer/stroller--I drove --and the daughter did an excellent job of keeping up on her two wheeler. I did not plan to make this a family outing but I made the mistake of coming home before going for the run. Gotta leave from work in the future. Anyways after 7 or so kilometers we arrived home just before running buddy number 2 arrived from after school meeting. The baked potatoes were already on and we slapped some bbq sauce on our pork and his steak and headed outside. About 15 minutes later we all tucked in for a fabulous dinner. The bread was still warm out of the oven. The potatoes were a little firm, really you need to start them an hour early and then let them sit for 15 minutes before you start eating but who is that organized. Tonights salad dressing was a garlic, yogurt, vinegar affair. The creator is safely ensconced in our sons bed so I can't give you any more details than that. I think the big win tonight was that the planning for this weeks dinners actually occurred last night. We had fallen off the wagon for a bit there but we are back on it now. Third week of running just starting. Taking it slow. Blisters are not too bad. Fingers crossed I can keep it up.

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