Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh the heat.

Recommendation: Do not do your first 11 k run of the season in 30 degree heat. Man that last two k was just killing me. But its done now and I can rest.

Recommendation 2: Relax. I am way overly psyched about Ultimate on Wednesday. Got all six of our disks laid out. Organized to borrow the cones for the field from the school. Talking to everyone I know. Hey if you are reading this, Wednesday, 6:30 - 8:00 on the high school field. Newbies and pros, everyone is welcome.

Okay lets talk about dinner. We had the home made fishcakes for the second time and they were even better. The mixture of potato and salmon is just fabulous. Dill and chives are thrown into the mix and there are some other subtler tastes in there but I do not have the chef handy so you will have to take my word. The salad had some of our neighbours radishes and the dijon vinagrette dressing. The pasta salad was a creamy garlic option. After the run I was famished so in total I probably had three generous helpings over the course of four trips to the kitchen. Yes it was that good. Summer is definitely here. Hey, do you ever look at your neighbours yard and wonder why their grass looks so much better. I figured it out. From the side you see a greater cross section of blades of grass so it naturally looks better. Your own yard you are looking straight down. Its like tall men. They never go bald because no one can see past their outer defences. Short men. Everyone can see it. So that is my rationalization for my crummy lawn there. Hope you liked it.

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von grudegin said...

that is the best rational for your lawn ever. brilliant