Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father knows best

Happy father's Day to everyone. I sure had one. I was the guest of honour at dinner this evening and so was able to select the menu. We had home made gyoza (dumpling with pork, and other stuff inside) cauliflower with cheese sauce, green salad, rice and soup (notably not miso though very miso-esque). The beauty part about gyoza is the sauce, a vinegar, soy, hot chili combo. Went beautifully as a salad dressing by the way. I thought I was loving the gyoza but then my daughter got going. She may have eaten upwards of twenty dumplings when we finally sealed the tupperware and put it in the fridge. They don't stand a chance come tomorrow's lunch. The salad was made from a bunch of leftover produce that I actually took out today in a weeding frenzy. Small volunteer cilantro and lettuce was taken out to make way for their stronger brethren. To top off this evenings meal we had healthy chocolate brownies with the last of the strawberry ice cream. My son took this picture and I think he did a damn good job of framing me. You may also notice the mosquito bites on my leg. A small price to pay for the arrival of summer in all its glory. Only two weeks of school left. Lets hope the lettuce holds out in this heat and doesn't go to seed. No menu yet for next week. But it is only 9:30. Anything could happen before midnight. Yee haw.

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Allison said...

that little girl sure likes her dumplings (japanese and ukranian). Good job Kiyo-chan.