Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Don't get the wrong impression

We really don't eat smokies at every other meal. We just had left overs and couldn't muster the strength to think of something more creative. We did barbecue some eggplant, no sauce, no oil, just straight dry barbecue. Afterwards we drizzled a little soy sauce on them and it was very nice. Quite Japanese tasting if you ask me. The coleslaw has made it from Giant bowl to a small bowl to a large sized tupperware and I think we are now into a small sized tupperware. Eventually it will be eaten and another giant bowl will be made for some festivity or another. The rice was cooked with peas and curry powder and was a nice change.

On a totally different note I am boycotting UPS at least until I order something else off the internet. The loot bags I sourced from some novelty place in the states had an original shipping fee of 18 dollars. Rather steep on a 26 dollar purchase but it still was within budget, had all the things I wanted and meant neither my wife nor I had to go searching for the stuff. However, when UPS left their little note today saying there as a 21 dollar brokerage fee -- $3.43 in taxes, the rest for doing the work -- i lost it. Talking with the novelty company on line they were unrepentant, "it says it in many places on our website" what is says is that there will be some duty, taxes or brokerage fees. No mention that UPS will stick their greasy mitt deep into your wallet and double their fee. The UPS lady was slightly more sympathetic though completely unapologetic. To top it off I was calling to arrange a better drop off time tomorrow, as no one is home when they plan to come by, and the service agent replies, "well I can't guarantee a drop off time as they will be there when they get there on their route." Service. Sometimes you get it. Sometimes it gets you. This kid better have one wicked ass time at her Birthday. My luck they will all end up playing with the boxes and I will be left with 13 x 7 novelty items and 13 bags to put them in. Should have left it all up to the wife. Saving money never felt so good.


Rachel Catriona said...

I will boycott UPS with you my friend. They just charged me $20 on top of shipping for my $14 worth of cupcake cups. You need to get a PO Box across the border or somewhere that will receive for you.

Allison said...

where are your ads?

Fall Garlic said...

I got rid of the ads after reading a blog that was ad free. Really this isn't going to make me money. If I want to make money I should be creating a website specifically for that. So no more ads.