Thursday, May 1, 2008

Up to no good

Arriving home last evening I, still hungry after the meager crackers and cheese that were brought forth at our meeting, was deflated to find that things on the home front had not been much better. There was a nice pork soup and some seki han (rice with red beans) but as for an entree I was shut out. So I went to the cupboard to get some nacho chips to make a plate of nachos. Bag empty. Oooh, so I got in the car. Drove to the store. Bought the chips. Back home. Whipped up some guacamole. Grated some cheese. 24 seconds later we were sitting down to a nice hot plate of cheesy nachos. We used the last of the second to last jar of red salsa last night. Now down to one jar of each type of salsa from last fall. Will we make it to July and the beginning of fresh salsa season. I sure hope so. Anyways, good dinner, soup was great and I am making beans on toast this evening. See you then.

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