Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Return of the Chives

The wife wanted to try the chive scones again and figured this evenings spaghetti and meat sauce was the perfect opportunity. It was. The scones were up in flavour but were perhaps a little salty (wife's comment). The sauce, very little tomato as we forgot to put that on our shopping list, was fabulous. Zuchinni, celery, onions, garlic, ground beef, a few fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, basil, bay leaf, vinegar, salt and pepper. I was originally quite disappointed by the lack of tomato-yness but as seems to be the standing order I was more than pleasantly surprised after sitting down to eat(currently I am uncomfortably stuffed due to my inability to stop eating it). The salad dressing made use of a creamy dill veggie dip I made this weekend. It was mixed with a good portion of lemon juice. Sappari is the word in Japanese. The english eludes me. With the scones for sopping up leftover sauce and salad dressing the complete meal experience was again amazing. I am away for dinner tomorrow evening. However, I will report on whatever the crew gets up to. Manyana.

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Allison said...

Can you please send me the miso shiro recipe you use. I want to start adding it into our dinner hour as well.