Sunday, May 25, 2008

Start your Engines.

Well the garden is in. We finally got the tomato/ cucumber/ bean/ squash supports in and planted the peppers and the tomatoes in the trench. As for tomatoes I have to give a shout out to my gardening guru. Through his largess I am now planting speckled roma, yellow cherry, red cherry, beefsteak, amish paste, Graham's Keepers, and Oregon. All seed I saved from last year but it originated from his garden. On the pepper front I had no luck saving seed so the peppers this year are almost exclusively from bought seed or bought plants. I have jalapeno, habanero, chile, green bell, yellow hungarian (hot), red pimento, and sweet long yellow. For the peppers I have four of each and for the tomatoes I have either two or four of each variety. Oh what a great day for gardening. It was hot today, not quite Africa hot but middle of summer hot. From pounding posts this morning to cutting through weed matting this afternoon it was the complete garden day. Fortunately the lawn was mowed yesterday so I was free to worry about the plot. The kids even played on the trampoline with the sprinkler today. The dripper hose was connected and looks like it will do the job just nicely. I would like to get another 50 ft of hose so that I can get rid of the current weak white hose that is connecting to the water source. The new length I will run through the little flowerbed and possibly over the grass hill. My worry is that I do not have enough water pressure and I will lose out at the very end of the first section. This is where my hot peppers are and they definitely need and want less water than everyone else. However, they still want some water. I really do not want to buy another 50 ft of dripper hose just to find out if I use it then half my garden will die for the benefit of a few perennials. My neighbour, the same kind neighbour through which the tomato supports were made possible, teased me with the offer of some dripper hose. Only it didn't have a connection a the end I needed and I was too far advanced to swap with the first hose I bought. Just a teaser. In the end I will probably just change the current connector hose for another in my collection and be done with it. The final touches to the garden will entail setting up the other water timer for watering the lawns. Look at how far I have come. Worrying about the lawns. Strange but true.

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Rachel Catriona said...

Nice work. I hope to make it up there and reap some of the bounty. Or can you mail me some sprouts?

This,, is some of the best blogging I've read of late. Have a read, get back to me.