Sunday, May 25, 2008

Coulda been Curry

Well at least that was the plan this morning. However, after and exhausting day in the garden (more about this later) we decided to just barbecue some pork and eat it with salad. With barbecuing I am always leery of undercooking the meat. I imagine all of us dying some unimaginable botulism death where we start expanding and then explode all over the house. I have no idea what actually happens when one dies of botulism but I know that cans of meat that get it swell up, so that is the picture in my mind. With this thought lurking, I almost always overcook pork and chicken. Last nights dinner was a case in point. This evening wasn't so bad but I really need to get some enlightenment on this topic so I can start really enjoying juicy chicken and pork barbecue. The salad was once again compliments of the garden. Except of course for the tomatoes. Plain rice on the side was a gentle settling touch. We pigged out on chips with guacamole and salsa before dinner so there really wasn't any need for anything else. We are currently waiting on a rhubarb and apple crumble. I don't need to eat it. I want to eat it. Long live over consumption of home made food.

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