Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Leftovers in all their glory

Well there was some spaghetti sauce left over. We still had some potato salad. There was a little chick pea stir fry, but just a little. So we had pizza toast and salad, with the lovely fresh green garden salad. The best part was we ate it outside. Warm but not too hot. After eating we called my older sister to sing happy birthday to her. Then we went for a family run. My son rode in the bike stroller with the push bar and front wheel attached. My daughter rode her bike, and my wife and I took turns pushing the chariot. Now that was outstanding family time. I am knackered and get to have the third shower. It is warm enough I am going to enjoy the lack of hot water. In the mean time I think I may just crack a beer. We will be eating on the road this weekend. We plan to take the camera but that doesn't mean we will remember to bring it to the meal, and if we do remember, there is no promise that we will take a picture. But we'll try.

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Dora said...

I totally remember making pizza sauce toasted cheese when we were kids. The poor man's pizza.

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