Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Don't forget the Pumpkin

Well lets start where I forgot. The potato salad was made with pumpkin, yam, mayonnaise, boiled egg, potato and a little feta cheese. You will not be able to see it on my plate as I totally forgot to have some the first time around. I had it on the second trip, right before the second wrap. Strangely enough I am uncomfortably full right now. Yup, potato salad for seconds seems to be a sort of kiss o' death for me. It could be the beer with dinner as well. More research is definitely necessary.

Aside: There is no food content in this next part.

Currently my wife is scaring my son with a the loud arabic souffi yell that we learned last night to cheer on the belly dancers. He is running away from the kitchen. When he comes near again she does the yell and he runs off laughing and screaming. He tanks head first into the couch and starts the process again. This may go on all night I will keep you posted.

Now back to our regularly (no comments required) scheduled Post

... The complete dinner this evening was vegetarian. A heavy garlic influence was noted in the chick pea and bell pepper stir fry. It was served in a wrap with rice and home made salsa. The miso soup was very rich this evening and practically overflowing with bok choy. A perfect compliment to the lighter flavours in the wrap. Our garden keeps producing and this evenings dressing, dijon mustard, honey and lemon was a perfect sweet yet sour accent to the evening meal. The dark rich flavour of the Guiness acted as a foundation from which the other dishes could spring. I should be paying rent here. Did I mention I have five non-teaching days in a row coming up. Who the hell am I? Dang.

PS. The kids have moved on to dressing a pillow in a cardigan. No idea where this is going. See you tomorrow.

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