Sunday, June 1, 2008

No Credit Deserved

Well this evenings meal was whipped up by my mother. She in turn had the foresight to go to a local m and m meat shop to buy the cannelloni that my children love. Unfortunately, she didn't buy cannelloni. She bought stuffed pasta shells. It was just as good as the cannelloni but I think my ma was disappointed that she had been duped by the woman behind the counter. The salad was great. My mom has this really thick balsamic vinegar and the dressing she makes with it is beautifully rich. The scones, though not home made, were fluffy and light. The had the chives baked right in. Mmm Chive goodness. Well this was our Thursday evening meal. The rest of the weekends meals were missed although my daughter kept reminding us just as we were finishing off or had finished dinner, "Dad!! the picture!!" Whoops.

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