Saturday, May 17, 2008

The First Lady of Salads

On the left is a bowl of mac and cheese. I am surprised that I have come around to the ubiquitous dish. I never ate it as a kid but as an adult I have slowly been won over by its bland flavour and ease of cooking. However, I didn't come here to talk about mediocre noodles. On the right of the picture you will see the first salad of the season to be created completely from our own garden. Red and green leaf lettuce, spinach, chives, parsley and cilantro. It was awesome. Some basic home made oil and vinegar dressing. The lettuce is still really young. We had a bunch self seed and now we are eating it as it comes up. When it is small it is so tender and delicious. The parsley is in year two. Gotta love biennials. Of the stuff we have actually planted the swiss chard and the beet greens are doing well. The first set of carrots are coming along. Today I am going to move some chrysanthemums out to the second square and then transplant some more cilantro. It feels like summer is here but with a full moon just a few days away, I am worried about another frost. It has been such a weird weather year that I think waiting one more week to transplant peppers and tomatoes won't hurt.

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