Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Queen's BBQ

Thanks must be given this evening to our good friends in Midway. They were kind enough to invite us to a fantastic feast. Even allowed us to bring a bunch of relatives. All they said was bring something to bbq, something to drink, and a pot luck dish. This may seem burdensome to some but the payoff feasting on others potluck ideas and enjoying the generally festive nature of something this grand is easily worth the effort. My intrepid wife also took on all of the potluck task producing some of her finest Korokke yet. Just the right amount of curry and not too much salt. I was in charge of marinating the steak. By the way we paid a little more for the steak this evening and it was out of this world. Have we learned are lesson. Not likely, I love it at the track, all my friends are there. Anyways back to the marinade. We used fresh grated garlic (not really grated but I don't know how to say when you scrape it around on the thing with all the little bumps and it becomes a kind of mush), soy sauce, golden syrup, pepper and oregano. It sat in that for about five hours pre-cooking and was then cooked on a nice high flame, about five minutes on either side. Easily the best steak I have ever cooked, by a mile. The salads and sides were all special in their own way but as they were not made by yours truly or his wife I will not go into details. Suffice it to say I have pains down the side of my torso and I am not in labour. It was that good. My sis and bro-n-law are here for the long weekend so we have guests choice for dinner tomorrow. After a day at the lake and a possible hike (this has not been mentioned to them yet so we will really have to see) it may end up being take out Chinese. Only time will tell.

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Rachel Catriona said...

Your writing is getting good. Keep it up.

We feasted here too. I documented it on my blog too - a homage to you.