Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dazzling Dinner

My daughter came up with this evenings title. She was right. The summer sun shone bright this afternoon and we barbequed and ate outside again. It was awesome. Almost too hot. The chicken breasts were succulent and juicy. The rice was great all on its own. I couldn't believe how much flavour the fried bok choy and mushrooms had. They were also bursting with juices. The corn on the cob made a come back from a few days ago and was still delish. To start and finish we had chips and salsa. Mmmmm. There was an unfortunate incident this evening. As my son reached for the last corn on the cob he pushed the chip bowl into the rice bowl, a wedding gift from my big sis, and knocked it off the table so now we are down to one sunshine and blue skies bowl. They both have lasted through almost seven years of daily and I mean daily use. My cereal bowl. Microwave bowl for soups and leftovers. Serving bowl for rice or other side dish. We love these bowls and now there is only one. A moment of silence shall now be observed. ....... . Not a dry eye in the place. Well off for a bike ride. Ahh summer.

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