Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Even the boarder ate it.

This evenings dinner was oyako don(a kind of chicken and egg stirfry/stew). There was also some tofu in the mix and it was great. Our boarder, who isn't he most adventurous eater, even enjoyed it. The miso soup had lots of daikon and the salad was green with onion and daikon. I did not have the salad as by the time I got to having dinner there was guacamole and salsa. My favourites. The key issue this evening was going for a run before eating dinner. The sprained ankle (9 days recovered) gave me some grief but sitting down to a meal after getting a good run in was great. Well it is time to hit the hay. See you tomorrow.

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Rachel Catriona said...

I need to start eating at your house too. Start setting a place for me.

Changed my blog title back. Pape had said it grossed her out so couldn't read it so I guess that was the reason for the change. A pedestrian change - thank you for pointing it out to me.