Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Late for Supper

So I arrive home to this amazing smell wafting out the door. Just a rich, drippy, saucy smell. Seconds later in am knee deep in the facts of the day. Our son has managed to realise he needed to go pee and used the toilet today. It is a milestone. Pulled down his own pants and everything. So much excitement ensues. I get to see the lake that has accumulated in the little plastic kiddie potty. We all watch as he flushes it down. We say a fond farewell. From here we proceed outside, all the while I am wondering when the dinner bell will gong and I can begin. We start to trampoline a bit and then check out the garden and so on and so on until finally I ask when dinner will be. To which my wife blithely replies, "we already ate, remember you were going to be at a meeting tonight." Well I finally went inside and ate my steak and it was great. Marinated and pan fried. The sprouts were stir fried with the beans and rice was resoundingly defeated so that potato salad could play another night. Tonights lesson: Always ask when dinner will be ready as soon as you get home.

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