Friday, May 2, 2008

Eatin' Outside

With the warm weather comes the desire to eat outside. We broke out more home made salsa, cracked a beer (or two) and whipped up some home made pizza. I went out on a limb this evening and did not use my regular crust recipe. My baker friend said that using oil in your crust is nonsense. If you want it to be flavoured then add spices directly to the dough. He is also a proponent of not putting spices in the tomato sauce. However, I could not bring myself to take that radical a step. I did however forgo using oil in my dough mix. The crust was indeed lighter and crispier however it was lacking in flavour. We barbequed the chicken for our topping as the amount of salt and nitrates in the salamis we use is something we think we need to take into consideration. The kids had pineapple and we had all the veggies. Sitting outside eating dinner it could have been July. Unfortunately, it is still just the beginning of May. Gotta stay focussed. Lets hope for rain. By the way there may be some new video up on the old youtube site soon. Take care.

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Rachel Jonat said...

That pic of the kids kills me. What an actress.

Have you ever cooked the pizza on the bbq? I've heard of it but never done it myself. I know, I know, you have a genuine pizza oven.