Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blackened Chicken

Well we barbequed last night. I had marinated the chicken in barbeque sauce all day after taking off the skin. Unfortunately, I wasn't patient enough and ended up turning the heat up at the end of the barbeque session. Thus the blackened exterior. Patience, patience, patience. I had it started right but just couldn't wait for the final result. Well live and learn. The baked potatoes were awesome and the salad was amazing. We have finally made it over the hump and are getting some really good produce from the garden. Our spinach is buttery and crisp. The beet greens are rich and earthy. Tonnes of lettuce is in production. Today I have a big gardening day. Tomato supports are going in. I will be transplanting most of the green house stuff. I will also be planting the third wave in the square foot garden. If it gets done I will try to remember to take pictures.

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Dora said...

i just bbqed chicken and burned the edges. i too am always worried about it being uncooked. better to eat charcoal than raw poultry.