Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wrap it up I'll take it.

This evenings dinner was brought to us by the letter W. For wrap. We had, a bean dish, similar to chili but not quite there. A pasta salad with various veggies and some hard boiled eggs. There was some left over feta cheese and spinach from the weekend. You put it all together and voila, as the French apparently say, the fixings for a wrap. Not your standard wrap innards but tasty all the same. I had some chips with the last of the crazy hot salsa. Man is it ever crazy hot. I actually think I will have a beer now to settle my dinner. Oh yeah the daughter had her dress rehearsal for her big recital on next Monday. Talk about cute. Of course after watching all the other dances she now wants to do Irish dancing and Belly dancing as well as Tap. Its just money I guess.


Rachel Catriona said...

What is she wearing??!!! Looks like pageant wear. Concerning. Please take some video of the recital.

Dora said...

i agree. and a photo of her in the dress and dancing as well please. it is like she is a doll and we are requesting new poses.