Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who took that one?

Well as you can probably tell from the picture this was my plate this evening. It sure likes nicer when the wife's reasonable portions are nicely spaced on the plate. That whole massive mountain of food effect does not transfer well to digital. However, it did transfer well to the old digestive tract. We had a mushroom, spinach and rice casserole this evening. Funnily enough our son finished the meal saying, "mmm mushrooms are delicious!" whereas our daughter wouldn't even try them. I love the shitake so it all worked out for me. The pasta salad was back for round two (three if you include lunch) but it was just as good as always. The rest of the plate was a green salad with nice little carrot sticks. The dressing was purple onion pickled in vinegar with some dijon mayonnaise and other assorted flavourings. Reminded me of calamari. Truly original salad dressing this evening so I have to give the wife huge kudos. The meal was really great. I am living a dream here :)

I think tomorrow is leftovers as there is soup and chili to be eaten. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, the starfish on top of my plate is a scone-ish creation that has chives baked right in. Interesting. It could have used some cheese perhaps to be a fully realised dinner addition. Still worth the time spent eating it.

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Rachel Jonat said...

Are you fasting? That's not good for the kids, you know.

Here's a salad I made that is quite nice.

- Mixed greens
- roasted hazlenuts (chopped)
- goat cheese
- dried figs (chopped)
- dressing: balsamic, greek salad seasoning, olive oil

Very tasty but rich as there is a lot going on flavor wise.

I really want to roast some pumpkin but can't find any in store. Butternut squash will have to do.