Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ebi furai.

Or deep fried shrimp for those playing in Canada. This dish is made with Japanese panko (translation: bread crumb). I am willing to concede that there is a distinct difference between the Japanese and the North American version. It is noticeable in the wonderful way my wife makes this dish. There was pasta salad teaming with vegetables, lightly bathed in salt, pepper, vinegar and oil. The chives came from our garden. These hearty chives are getting big and green despite winters best effort to stick around. In the bowl you see nimono with some shitake mushrooms and tofu. It sure looks delicious doesn't it.

Unfortunately for me, this evening I was also shut out on eating with the troops as I had another late night Professional Development meeting at school. Don't get me wrong there are perks to being a teacher. They are just a little hard to see when you are right up against it.

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Rachel Jonat said...

The pictures of what the kids are dining on looks suspiciously like mac and cheese...

Chris and I just played basketball at David Lam park down the road. Perfect night for it. We used the basketball I won in Christmas gift game the other year at your house. It was flat but the good folks at Roundhouse Community centre got it back to shape for us. Miss you. We could have used some coaching out there tonight. Playing 21 and I won 2 of 3!!