Monday, April 14, 2008

Who cut the carrots?

This evenings fare was spaghetti with a bean and tomato sauce. The beans were chick peas and there were onions, garlic and the other usual suspects in the pot. The tomato flavour came through really strongly this evening. It really said, "hey, yeah, thats me baby!" Just the right blend of flavours and kapow, knocks your socks off. There must be something to the science of cooking. For all my dash of this and pinch of that non-sense I would really love to know why the magic happens when it does. There is too much chance involved in cooking a truly great meal. I am maybe one in fifty. Of course the wife used a recipe tonight. Who ever wrote that one sure knew what they were doing. Also the soy sauce, vinegar, honey, oil dressing was so light and refreshing and at the same time perfectly accented the simple green salad.

I had seconds. It couldn't be helped. Yoga will have to wait a few hours for this one to get down, however being a veggie meal it should be better than a meat and potatoes night.

Tomorrow: Pan fried Tofu steaks. Bring on the garlic.

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Rachel Jonat said...

Beans in spaghetti sauce? I feel like that is akin to using ketchup as sauce (what movie is that from?).

I only wanted vegetables for dinner tonight - not sure why. Roasted cauliflower, red onion and kale with some chili oil. Threw some hot sauce and a little cheddar on to serve. Delish.

S's salad dressing are inspiring. I need to do that more. I have some rice vinegar in the cupboard. It's a start.