Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tofu, the other white meat

Well the vaunted tofu steaks were skillfully seared this evening. Lots of garlic slices in the pan and just a little oil. After a few minutes the soy, garlic, honey sauce was added into the mix. Not an overpowering flavour but it really brings out what is great about tofu. The nimono was served cold tonight, which unfortunately was not the liking of child one or child two, although I think child one's immediate dislike cannot be discounted as a major factor in child two's behaviour. The rice was served plain and the garlic was pan fried with the bean sprouts in the tofu after math. Miso soup had big chunks of yam and small chunks of carrot. A thoroughly satisfying second night of vegetarian in a row.

Now back to that kids not eating their veggies thing. Did everyone know that Jerry Seinfeld's wife one Jessica Seinfeld has written a book. I believe it is called "Deceptively Delicious" and is all about how you can get pureed vegetables into almost and dish without your kids realising. Then the don't complain because they are eating the mac and cheese they love and only you know there is a bunch of wholesome cauliflower in there. I pooh poohed the book when my wife first brought it home because usually our kids do pretty good with the veggies. However, this evening I was wishing we had done some pre-planning and had made a rice dish with hidden squash in it. They did gobble up the tofu and rice but there was not a lot of vegetable action going on. I loved it all.

Tomorrow: I have a meeting to attend but apparently there is some chicken a la king (we don't have Easter turkey leftovers because we had ham instead) coming in for a wee stay. Looking forward to the nine o'clock second dinner. Yes!!

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