Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mayonaise (said like "Newman")

Well that is the last time we buy fat-free mayo- nnaise. I mean it sounds like an oxymoron to begin with but I am sure it seemed like a good idea at the time. We have been trying to use it up in our normal salad dressings, dips, sandwiches and such but it just doesn't cut it. We keep wondering why we are mildly dissatisfied with some of the dishes we make and there it is sitting on the top left door shelf staring us in the face. PC fat-free mayonnaise. In the light blue jar. Fortunately, it did not ruin this evenings entire meal. Te-maki (hand roll) sushi is a cornucopia of toppings set out on the table and then you, the eater, get to choose the different roll combinations you like. I like the working mans sandwich, cheese, ham, cucumber and carrot. I usually put a little mayonnaise on this but not tonight! In Japan I would use the cupid mayonnaise that comes in the squeeze bottle. So very handy, and cute. Ah the Japanese. Getting back to the rolls, the mayonnaise was mixed with canned tuna and onion for a tuna salad roll, nice with a few shreds of lettuce (noticeably but forgivably absent this evening). However, this evenings version was just a little off. The shrimp rolls were lovely and the umeboshi (salted sour plums) were spot on. We also had some garlic fried bok-choy which was nice but just didn't compare to the rolls. I was forced into taking a second helping when my wife gave me that hurt, you don't like this face and then said "don't you like this?" It was nice but it brings me to the problem with Te-maki. They are so small that one tends to not realize how much they have eaten until they are well overfed. Fearing this I didn't want to fill up on bok-choy but in the end marital bliss (okay harmony, well at least it isn't war) won out over an extra roll. By the way we got a shot of the last surviving koroke. Sure must be lonely sitting on the plate all alone, waiting for one of us to swoop down and devour it. Who will it be... who will it be....

Planning is progressing on next weeks menu and shopping list. We are going to try for a fourth week of no repeats. It may be tough. Stay tuned.

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