Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tuesday: April 1st

Well in spite of my catching the flu, dinner was still eaten. What a shocker. I have no bearing on life carrying on here. By the way my older sister warned me that this years flu was different and it really is. My whole neck is sore and has been for days. Very little cough or runny nose but the night sweats have been wicked and sudden movement brings on a whale of a thumper in my head. Back to the meal at hand we had the forecast pork stir-fry. Lovely use of honey and garlic. I wish I had had more of an appetite. The crisp green salad looked lovely and by all accounts accented the dish nicely.

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Rachel Jonat said...

When I had the sickness you speak of I thought I had slipped a disk in my and lost all cartilage in my knees - the body ache was that bad. But I soldiered on.

Thank you for the postings about food, one of my favourite things.

Suggestion: canned beans and lentils. Cheap, excellent fibre and different. I use them instead of rice sometimes, throw them in a stir fry. One less pot to clean!