Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wednesday: April 2nd.

Well I am still sick and the food continues to roll on. Today we went with omrice. We also had a pork based miso soup which had an amazingly rich flavour. The boiled squash (kabocha nimono) was lovely as well. Omrice, is basically an omelet draped over a little mound of rice. In Japan, the classic form of this is made by a fairly special technique of rolling the omelet around in the frying pan by holding the pan up and gently tapping the handing of the pan. In this way you get a shell of firm omelet surrounding an inside of basiclly runny scrambled eggs. This is laid over the rice and then slit across the top so the runny scrambled eggs cover the rice completely. The video below shows and excellent description of it. This snotty egged final version is excatly what the discerning japanese foodie is yearning for. I really like it but for some westerners it just doesn't work. Their loss I say.

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