Monday, March 31, 2008

Almost Classic Japanese.

Konban wa. Good evening in Japanese. Yes we ate Japanese style tonight. It seems like five dishes is the right amount of dishes to serve in Japan. I do not know the rationale. Maybe it has something to do with getting a well balanced meal. In any case, this is an attemp at "Go hin ryori" of five dish cooking. You may be wondering as there are only four dishes in the picture. No, the fifth dish did not run away with the spoon. And it wasn't dessert. Although there was some majoring pleading going on after dinner for ice-cream. (ed. heartless parents = no dessert) The first and second dish are combined in the big bowl. Originally the tofu was going to be deep fried but we ended up putting the tofu in with the "nimono" or boiled stuff. Doesn't it sound so much nicer in Japanese. The black stuff is called "hijiki" and has some soybeans, kelp and something else, I never got a solid answer. I am aquiring a taste for it as time moves on. This was all rounded out with some miso soup and rice. As I sit here snacking on crackers and cheese I have to admit that we blew the tofu portion of tonights dinner. The daughter gobbled it up but I was decidedly undecided. Need to keep looking for that tofu inspiration.

Tomorrow: Pork stir fry with salad.


hayato said...

great!! even though i am a japanese, i do not cook dishes like these. actually, i cannnot. i am also surprised to see that some seaweed stuff (hijiki, maybe??) is available overthere.

Fall Garlic said...

Fishpool, how you doing man? Yeah, in Vancouver you can get almost any food. We stock up when we go to visit. It would be pretty hard to find where we are living.

Rachel Jonat said...

Your five piece dinner used four bowls! That's sixteen for the family. And you have no dishwasher. Are you insane???!!!

I like having lots of different sized little bowls. Right now I have 2 cream and 2 brown bowls from Pottery Barn that are perfect for holding little snacks, a half cup of blueberries, some almonds, whatever. I feel so civilized snacking out of tiny bowls. The Japanese must feel this way everyday.