Monday, April 28, 2008

A home cooked meal.

Well this evenings dinner was just right. Miso soup, with just the right amount of tofu. One child had three bowls. Diakon and carrot salad also accompanied the meal, pickled in vinegar and something else, I did not get clarification but nevertheless great. The main dish was a Pork stirfry with purple cabbage and bean sprouts served over a mixture of white and brown rice. There was no flash to this evenings dinner. It was exactly what one wants on a Monday night. With the Miso soup and Japanese style salad I told the wife that we could even serve this to guests. She was aghast as it is such a simple meal that she would never dream of serving it to someone else. I disagree. With the soup and salad acting as real Japanese elements you could pass of the stirfry as some holiday dish. I think we are an appetizer away from serving this to someone. As for this evenings picture the batteries in the camera died. I tried to steal from every possible electronic device I could lay my hands on but hunger prevailed over the desire to get the shot. When I couldn't find AA batteries in any toy, remote, or flashlight (the flashlights had previously been stolen for something else) I couldn't muster the desire to go down stairs and keep searching.
Well the camera has new batteries and we are looking at spaghetti and meatballs tomorrow night. See you then.

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