Sunday, April 13, 2008

Has anyone seen Friday or Saturday

Well we haven't. We started making the much anticipated koroke on Friday but as I am still sick and spent most of the day in bed (I believe the flu has morphed into a sinus infection) there wasn't a lot of motivation to turn the beginnings of koroke into the actual thing. With all the dipping and battering and redipping it is a real job. Fortunately, I was feeling better Saturday morning and we got them all cooked up. They are best served right out of the deep fryer (frying pan with oil for us) but we have been eating them constantly for the last 24 hours. There are two left now as I ate the third to last one for breakfast. Last nights dinner was courtesy of some friends and I felt awkward about broaching the subject of taking a picture of their meal and then blogging about it. I am sure I will get over that awkwardness some day but until then our evenings out will be this blogs loss. I am pretty sure we will be back on track tonight as the wife seems pumped.

On a happy note spring is sprunging and lots of pepper and tomato sprouts are up. The two broccoli sprouts are sizing up nicely so we should be getting them into the garden soon. The carrots, spinach, beets and swiss chard have had one planting and once they start coming up I will get a second planting in the soil. I just hope we have something to eat before we head off on vacation. Vegetable gardens and extended vacations do not mix. Rats.

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