Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not quite chicken fingers

Well instead of chicken fingers we went with fish sticks. The potatoes were fried with garlic, broccoli, cauliflower and cheese. The miso soup was full of yam, squash and broccoli hearts. The rice was unadorned and though I had already had my Thursday afternoon beer did not seem too overwhelming in the carbohydrate department. I am a big believer in ketchup. Not surprisingly, my kids are following right in my foot steps. That whole sins of the father thing really does happen. Or perhaps it is just the apple not falling that far from the tree. In any case if you look closely enough you can see yourself in your children. I may need to step back and squint for a while.

Tomorrow: Koroke, Japanese croquets.


Allison said...

I so so so want to be there for krokke on Friday. Yummy! This blog is looking really good but I also belive I will need to send you some new placemats for pictoral variety.

I defended my thesis and spent all weekend and the last week sewing and cooking. I've also resurrected my blog. check out the Mad bibs I have been churning out on my sewing machine.

Fall Garlic said...

We made koroke saturday morning and then took them to a friends house for a barbeque dinner. Yeah that is two missed days in a row. I just can't shake this cold and weekend dinners are really my responsibility.