Sunday, January 20, 2013

Slow cooking Sunday

So last week before we went skiing on Sunday morning I browned up some round ground and threw it in the slow cooker with the other ingredients I would normally use in chili and we left for a day on the slopes.  The aroma we came home to was so awesome. Even better was the realisation that we would not have to do much preparing to have dinner in the table real soon.  I think you can tell by the faces below that the chili was well received.

I also managed to capture one dinner this week.  It was salmon with cheesy mashed potatoes, vegetable soup and a festive summer salad.  The Mrs. has to be careful not to treat us too well or we may get used to the good life and be spoiled for anything else.

I can't recall if I missed this or not but the Mrs and the oldest also made cookies last weekend.  Gotta love people with baking habits.

Finally the tab managed to catch this evenings crock pot sensation(sideways unfortunately).  The Mrs. and the youngest stayed home from the hills today because he was running a fever.  But true to form I managed to get the crock pot stuffed with a Korean ribs recipe before we headed out for another glorious day at the hill.  And as before we arrived back home to the fabulous aroma of dinner almost ready to be served.  Unfortunately we also arrived back home to a hot little tyke.  Well kids get sick and then they get better.  Just part of life eh.  Back to dinner.  The Mrs. put together a cabbage salad which was nice because the ribs were pretty rich.

Finally here are some of the views we are enjoying from the top of the hill.  Hopefully next week we will get some video of the kids in action on the slopes.

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