Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friday Night Highlights

Well we got us some good at home Friday night last night.

We managed to stick our heads together with Crazy glue.  This is us trying to pull them apart.

Earlier in the day we got some turns in up at the hill.  It was a beautiful blue sky day with some nice fresh powder.  The youngest had a pretty good day but he can't seem to get the hang of slowing down.  Speeding up we have covered.  So it is a kind of heart in throat adventure.  

We got home just after lunch and had a slow afternoon.  Mine was pretty much wrapped up in spider solitaire.  As the evening progressed it was time for me to get dinner on.  We had kind of a snacky, slow progression on dinner.  We started with some Kettle Chips, good eatin.

We moved onto some Jackons Triggs,  for our unrefined pallets it was some good drinkin.

Then I got down to making the dough for the pizza.  Best part is giving the youngest a small ball of dough to work but setting him up right next to a sink full of soapy dish water. Well or course the ball goes in the drink. We rinsed it and then dried it.  Weird doing that with a ball of dough where you just carefully created the right balance of water and flour.  However, when the dough was all put back together it all worked out well. No harm, no foul.

All of these shots were taken with the Galaxy Tab.  I am still working on the steady hand.  However, which ever of my kids took the picture below they did an amazing job.  Two of my favourite people.

Love out.

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