Thursday, August 2, 2012

We make dinner here.

This picture was taken in the sun tent in Kimberley.  It was a great swim meet and when the kids went to practice on Monday the daughter found out that she was swimmer of the meet.  Seeing as she had a best time in all six of her individual races and her relay team won both of their races I can see why.  

So swimming meets are now done for us.  The regional meet is this weekend but the boy isn't in a division where he can race and the daughter has finished no higher than 5th so we are giving it a miss this year.  She might have made it in Butterfly because she is improving by leaps and bounds but we will worry about regionals next year or the year after.  For now we are just happy that the kids are enjoying swimming and the family is enjoying the meets.

So two nights ago the Mrs. reminds me to take a picture of our dinner for posterity.

I barbecued some pork chops, the Mrs. made a veggie stir fry and a tomato and cucumber salad and we put some furikake on our rice.  Colourful and delicious.  

 In other news I made another shopping faux pas.  This was when we were down in the States a few weeks ago.  I am buying peanut butter and I know how fussy the Mrs. is about her sandwich spreads so I make double sure and by the one that says "All Natural."  Little pat on the back as I take it up to the register for being so responsible.  Of course once I get back to the camp site and my wife takes out the Peanut Butter I realise I did not make the grade.  Third ingrediant on the back is sugar.  We don't buy Peanut Butter with added sugar.  So this is all in support of the above picture where the Mrs. has made peanut butter cookies that would have had sugar in them anyways.  Gotta use it up.

This is my lovely better half as we were making dinner this evening.  She de boned the salmon and I did the barbecue honours.  Home grown garlic(crushed) lemon slices, salt, pepper and a little olive oil.  Very tasty. I also baked up some potatoes as well.

While I was 'cueing the Mrs. was inside making another lovely version of her chunky vegetable salad (some red pepper thrown into the mix today) and boiling some corn.

 The natives seemed to be satisfied.  Not much fish left.

I am in the process of building the first of a series of raised beds for the vegetable garden for next year.  Pictures should be forthcoming soon (if I remember to take any).

Love out.

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